RICHARD – ALLAN®FINE TIP SKIN ( marker, ruler, labels, sterile)

RICHARD – ALLAN®FINE TIP SKIN ( marker, ruler, labels, sterile)

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Product Description

Intended Use

Skin marker is used for surgical marking on intact skin
Intended User/ Patient Target Groups:
Intended to be used by Healthcare Professionals on patients requiring medical procedures.

The skin maker ink must be applied to intact, dry skin before applying prep solution. The skin marker ink will not adhere to prep solution or wet skin.
Prepping the skin with isopropyl alcohol before marking may increase the adherence of the ink to the skin.
When prep solution is applied over the skin marker ink, some of the marking will smear, but the skin maker ink will still be visible.
This device is single use only. Reuse of device could result in infection/ contamination and/ or device failure which could lead to patient harm.
Rulers packaged with skin markers are not measuring devices and should be used as an indicator only, and not for accurate measurements.
Not for ocular use.
Device is intended to write for up to 24 feet.
Do not use product if product is damaged or particulate is found in sterile packaging.

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